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Multi-stage submersible clean water pumps with integrated control

Flow Head Power
1 / 4.5 8 / 66.5 0.55 / 1.5
mc/h m kW
  • Domestic and residential
  • Civil
  • Agriculture and irrigation

Data sheet

5” Close coupled multi-stage submersible pumps.
Easy to install, compact and plug and play with integrated pressure transducer for automatic control of starting/stopping of the pump when utilization points are opened/closed with a integrated non-return valve.

External jacket in stainless steel AISI 304 and stages Noryl.

E-MPSM with built-in capacitor, accessible through the delivery casing.Hydraulics located below the motor with the motor cooled by the pumped fluid.

Safe operation is possible with the motor only partially submerged.

Double shaft seal with oil chamber.The suction strainer prevents the entrance of solids with diameter bigger than 2 mm.


  • For water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs
  • For domestic, civil and industrial applications, for garden use, irrigation and rain water harvesting systems


  • high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor
  • capacitor less stressed in voltage
  • uniform and lower motor temperature
  • motor power control
  • programmable re-start pressure
  • programmable stop pressure
  • no hydraulic losses due to the measuring devices
  • voltage and current control
  • monitoring of maximum starting current


  • dry-run protection
  • overload control and overheating motor control
  • pump blockage
  • power supply control
  • starts per hour control